How we can help you

We know it's personal. We're friendly, approachable and discreet.

  • We're now mobile in Rolleston

    The physical office is based in Nelson but we now how a mobile service in Rolleston, Christchurch.  Call 027-2833448 to find out how we could help.

  • Not in Nelson

    We live in the Cloud.  Technology is so advanced today we can assist you remotely.  Bookkeeping, tax returns, training or troubleshooting.  Give us a call to discuss how we can help.

  • Not everyone loves accounts, we can help

    Love it! Loathe it! or just don't have time for it!  Bookkeeping is a vital element of any business and really doesn't get the rap it deserves.  We're passionate about making sure businesses know what they have or don't have - both from day to day cashflow whows, to making your income and provisional tax obligations.

    Software can help but really if it's not your thing and you find yourself procrastinating over it.  Then you need to give us a call!

  • Long term bookkeeping

    Bookkeeping not your thing or you just don't have enough hours in the day?  
    We have many clients who run extremely busy businesses and lives and find it really, really nice to know what their GST & PAYE bill will be before the day it's due. 

    We can support you with as little or as much as you need.  Think about outsourcing some, if not all of your bookkeeping, GST or payroll to take the pressure off.

  • 1h/month to 8h/week

    Our niche market are businesses who either don't wish to be employer's, don't have enough hours in the day to manage the books themselves or enough hours to retain someone long term.

    It's all about fitting in with you and your business.   All you need to do is tell us where you're struggling and we can do as little or as much as needed.

    Generally we don't go over 8 hours a week because it honestly isn't cost efficient for both parties but anything in between we're at your beck and call!

  • You can do some, we'll do the rest

    Some businesses books can be outsourced completely however, sometimes it's vital that the business manages some of it.  A good example is sales invoicing for some types of industries.  If you're job based then you'll know exactly where you're at so it's best you see it all the way through. 

    We have a mix of clients that do just that and we manage the rest.   

  • Payroll Managed

    If the need to meet constantly changing payroll requirements is getting to you, or if you’re thinking of engaging additional staff to share the load then you need to take advantage of our complimentary hour.

    Complying with payroll requirements is a complex business. We can help take this stress away.

  • Chasing down the money

    Chasing bad paying customers is a pain, we're not in the friend zone so it's easier for us.

  • Short term trouble shooting

    Ever get a "OMG, how do I do that or how on earth did that happen - how do I fix it" moment!!

    Never fear, help is here.  One on one troubleshooting is available where you can pick our brain on some of those things that happen from time to time either with the software you're using or just general bookkeeping, tax related questions.  

  • Need a TAX return? We are real accountants too

    We work with all structures - companies, sole traders, trusts, partnerships and non-for-profits. 

    Whether you're a bookkeeping client that loves the idea of having everything in one place and streamlined or someone that just needs a tax return filed, then capitalise on our experience and efficiencies.

    However, it also doesn't matter if you already have an Accountant.  We have several bookkeeping clients where we get the books to trial balance stage then hand them over and work with many local accounting firms. 

  • Managing income & TAX for rentals

    Got a rental and need a tax return done & advise on what to claim - look no further!

  • Would you like to know your tax position before the end of the year?

    Eliminate the surprises.  Once the end of your financial year has been and gone it's sometimes too late to make changes. 

    We can review your accounts regularly to see how you're tracking, help you manage your pending tax obligations and from an operational, cashflow perspective help with any issues.

  • Business startup help

    We know how daunting (and exhausting) it can be when you either take over or start a new business.  Support is available through this transition.  We can help you with:

      • Business Structure;
      • Appropriate software options for your industry;
      • Training (one on one for you or your staff);
      • Help registering with IRD for income tax, GST & PAYE;
      • What tax deductible expenses can you claim.
  • Accounting software training & help

    There's so many options out there.  Ever wondered what you or your business is better suited to. 

    Having worked with many software packages over the years, you get to know which are the more efficient and which suit some end users more than others.

    To be honest Xero is our preferred software option.  The automatic bankfeeds, no data entry, matching options and add-on's make this the most efficient package out there.  But I never rule out one of the other leading brands working well for you.

    I feel I'm better positioned to give you a holistic overview as I'm working with these software packages on a day to day basis.  I'm an end user like you so I know all the little for's and against's so the one on one training & support you get is specifically targeted to you individually. 

Let us take the worry out of your bookkeeping and accounting

We are flexible, friendly, approachable & discreet.