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Traditionally, accounting firms work with figures by working backwards after the end of the financial year.  Because of the structure within Business Roundup you have access to a team that brings a different set of skills that compliments the rest and ensures support throughout the whole year for you and your business.

Sue Thomas Business Roundup accounting help Richmond

Sue Thomas

Founder / Software installer / Mobile trainer & bookkeeper

I predominately work with software conversions and bookkeeping troubleshooting but support my staff and our business owners when needed or managing their bookkeeping requirements on a regular basis.

I've worked with all the leading software packages over the 15 years of running Business Roundup but my preference is working with Xero.  Being Xero Certified in both Xero Accounting and Xero Payroll I am equipped to support those new to business or converting to another accounting package or just there when trouble hits and support is needed to fix something.

I love working with people to problem solve and streamline their systems etc.  It's in my DNA and I love it!  My husband and I moved from Nelson to be closer to our children who both live in Canterbury and we're now living in Rolleston.

I’m supporting our Nelson clients remotely but now have the opportunity to work within the Selwyn district.  I can support business owners on a one to one basis either by coming to them or working with them remotely.

Certified Xero and Xero Payroll Advisor

Certified Membership - Institute of Certified NZ Bookkeepers (ICNZB)


Eithne Davies


I'm the resident bookkeeper for Business Roundup and manage 90% of our bookkeeping clients.
Having come from an 'owner/operator' business which my husband and I own, I bring the hands on experience of running a small business.  I love working with Xero and our business owners.  It's a very close relationship that we have and I really enjoy the personal interaction that comes with my role.

accounting help Richmond

Sue Colvin


I am an Accountant who has some 17 odd years experience in end of year financial accounting and tax returns with a very well rounded understanding of NZ tax laws and GST.  I also have had a lot of experience with ACC & Payroll.
Like Sue Thomas I'm also Xero Certified in both Xero Accounting and Xero Payroll.  However, I leave the nitty gritty to Sue Thomas to do but I definitely utilise Xero Practice Manager to collate end of year financial statements and tax returns to IRD.  This is a huge saving for our business owners as everything is done within the accounting software they're using making it very cost effective for them. Working closely with these people is something I thoroughly enjoy!

Certified Xero and Xero Payroll Advisor


“Running a small business and keeping up with compliance is a big job. Thanks to the Business Roundup team I can focus on the parts that I am best at and I have complete confidence my paperwork is under control. I work in with the team so my day to day bookkeeping is up to date and for added convenience they process the tax returns for myself and the business at the end of the year. They eliminate the surprises and manage the deadlines so I can concentrate on making the money! I highly recommend them."

Scott Williamson – Resworks Ltd www.resworks.co.nz/


"I’ve worked with Sue Thomas from Business Round-up for a few years and even though I have shifted to Christchurch I am still happy that she is looking after my books. Through technology it is not a problem anymore, if you are in different locations.

I don't have to worry. The GST gets filed on time or any other deadlines, which gives me the opportunity to concentrate on my business and do things I am great at. I strongly recommend Sue and her team, because they made my life easier, which I appreciate and I am grateful for."

- Claudia Kaltenstadler, Harakeke Consultants Ltd. www.harakekeconsultants.co.nz


"My name is Takeshi, I own my restaurant “La Capilla” in Richmond.
I am very happy working with “Business Roundup”. Their service is excellent and very helpful for small business like mine. This is first time to have my own business in New Zealand, but they are always giving me good advice to run smoothly.
I recommend “Business Roundup” strongly to everyone who needs efficient service."

Takeshi NAGAHAMA, La Capilla restaurant & café, Richmond, Nelson http://lacapilla.co.nz/


I changed to Xero a year ago now and it has been the biggest help with regards to saving time, giving excellent reporting on expenses and income etc and has been a huge help with our Accountant being able to go onto our Xero programe and forecast income for tax purposes etc.
The backup and support I have received from Sue Thomas at Business Roundup over the transition period has been excellent - I have often called after normal business hours and even on a weekend and have never been let down.  I also couldn't fault the initial training sessions.

Linda Appleton for Appletons Tree Nursery Ltd http://www.appletons.co.nz


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