We have been working with Business Roundup for the last 6 years and I highly recommend them. They are experts in their field, efficient and great people to work with. We were a small business of 2 two owner operators and now have 14 staff. Business Roundup were absolutely an integral part of our growth. They focused on the accounts and we focused on growing the business. At various times over the last 6 years we have outsourced either all or some of our accounts to BR. Sue Thomas’s aim was to make my life easier, I liked that! BR didn’t just do as we asked, they helped set up processes and gave advice on procedures. The saying “you don’t know what you don’t know” was very fitting for us in the early days. As we grew and took on our own admin/accounts staff, BR did a full handover and trained our new members staff on how we worked and were always there when we needed guidance. BR are so flexible and it’s great to know that as well as the regular work they do for us, we can call on them whenever the pressure of larger workloads require more manpower than we have at the time, when we have a changeover of staff or when staff are on holiday. For the last 2 ½ years Sue Colvin of BR has also been our accountant. It just made sense for that to happen. The transition was easy and support at a management level has been great. I’m pleased to say that our accounting fees are now half of what they were previously.